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Frugal Guy Gaming the System

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Here’s the story of a guy in China that has taken advantage of a promotional offer in a way most people wouldn’t imagine.  He gives Jean Scott “The Queen of Comps” author of The Frugal Gambler a run for her money.



Candidates to Become Our Next RV

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We went to the “Florida RV Supershow“  on Saturday and looked at dozens of trailers.  Most were either too big or too small or had bunk beds etc.  Felt a little like Goldilocks trying out the bears beds.  Then we saw two trailers from Coachmen that we liked, both are Freedom Express Ultra Lights, models 248 RBS and 246 RKS.  Neither fulfills every one of our desires, but both would be acceptable.

The current version of our “wish list” is:

  • Travel trailer with empty weight under 5,000 lb
  • Both a dinette and a couch
  • NO bunk beds
  • A propane oven (NOT just a microwave convection oven)
  • Prefer no kitchen appliances on a slide (just my preference)
  • Accessible for use with slides in
  • Good shower & bathroom config (prefer separate toilet with door, but unlikely on this size RV)
  • “Large” Fresh and waste tanks (in this size trailer would love to have 50 fresh/40 each black and gray)
  • Good storage inside and out

One plus that the 248 RBS has is an outside kitchen complete with small refrigerator, grill, sink, drawers and a cabinet.  We think that would be great!



Happy New Year 2014!

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Happy New Year!

2013 was an eventful year for us and one that saw many changes. Our adventure has evolved but will continue.

We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014!

Mac & Chris


Now it’s a Travel Trailer

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Travel Trailer on the Road Web

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In a previous post I said now that we’re part-time we’ll be selling our 40′ motorhome and buying a much smaller one.  Those plans have changed, we’re still selling the motor home, but it’s most likely that we’ll be getting a travel trailer!  Why the change?  There isn’t one single reason but a small chain of reasons, I’ll explain:

We left the road for family reasons.  Our mothers are both still alive, and as they get older they need more assistance.  They don’t drive, so we provide their transportation to doctors and shopping.  One lives about 15 minutes east of us, the other about 40 minutes west of us, and we’ve decided that we need a second vehicle.  Could that be a class B motor home (a van conversion)?  Nope, because one large enough to meet our needs won’t easily fit in our garage and our homeowners association doesn’t allow RV parking in the driveway.  Given that, the vehicle that seems to give us the most utility is a pickup truck.

Once the decision was made to buy a pickup the choice of a travel trailer became easy because it’s the most economic.  We can buy a very nice travel trailer for a fraction of the cost of a similar sized and equipped Class B or C of the same age.

Now we’re putting the motorhome on the market (I plan to list on eBay next week) and after it sells we plan to buy the pickup first, followed by the travel trailer.  Of course, like all of our plans this one is carved solidly in Jello.  :-)