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Pothole From Hell

Brandon, FL Pothole from Hell

Brandon, FL Pothole from Hell

Mac The other day I was driving around the Brandon, Florida area and encountered the largest pothole I’ve ever seen on a public “maintained” road.  It’s on the south (eastbound) side of Florida 60 (Adamo Dr.)  at the corner of a short ramp leading to/from the service or access road.  I had to stop and take a picture so you’d believe me.  It could literally swallow up my car to the axles!

Worse than that, on a dark rainy night could you imagine running into this with a motorhome!?  Ours is fairly low to the ground (as past experience has shown) and I’m sure this would cause at least some major cosmetic damage if not worse (propane tank, fuel tank, air system, arrrr!).

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