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This is going to take forever!

MacRight now as I’m typing this post in our new WordPress blog I’m contemplating making a big mess of things (as if they weren’t already a big mess).

You see, we’ve had a blog at www.MacAndChris.com since late 2004.   In the last few months a combination of technical issues, family situations, and procrastination has caused us to post very infrequently.  Of course you, our readers, helped us to realize this with emails (thanks, it’s nice to know you care) and we also noticed that our ads have stopped bringing in as much.  To top all of this off we miss doing the blog, we really like writing it.  So what’s the problem?

The technical issue is the one causing the most grief right now.  Hopefully all these details aren’t boring you.  If they are just skip to the bottom.

Our old blog was amateurishly executed… No, really, thanks, but it was poorly done form a coding perspective.  It was started on MS Word, then I quickly went to MS Frontpage and subsequently to MS Expressions.  Through all this I failed to become an expert at any of these packages.  Skip forward to the present and I want to move the blog to WordPress.  There are many reasons for this; a consistent look, more professional appearance, easier to manage, makes it easy to interact with readers, and it allows Chris and I to each directly enter our own posts.  What’s not to love right?

My original idea was to load WordPress on the server and just start making new posts in WP while leaving the old ones alone.  I figured that I’d slowly convert the whole blog.  But no, I can’t do that.  Why not?  Because my server for the .com URL isn’t compatible with WP.  Ok, so I’ll upgrade it, right?  Nope, the upgrade isn’t compatible with the existing blog!  So where does that leave us?

The new blog hasn’t been visible to the public.  I’ve been working to copy the old blog over to the new URL and then I planned to switch it to MacAndChris.com.  Let me tell you it’s a huge task!

So about that big mess that I said I was going to create.  What  I think I’ll do is throw the doors open on this new blog at the .net URL and make all of the new posts here.  I’ll leave the old blog static, and I’ll slowly copy it all over to this one.  Then, when it’s all done, I’ll the .net URL to .com and everything will be back together on the .com site.  My only concern with this is that it may piss off Google and other search engines but I’m just going to bite the bullet and take the chance.

So this will be the first post of the new WordPress blog.  Hopefully all the future ones will be more interesting!

To see the rest of our blog, all the old archived posts, how-to articles on RV electric, Fulltiming, etc. visit www.macandchris.com, then come back here to catch up on the latest.  See you down the road!

2 comments to This is going to take forever!

  • Barry

    Hi Mac, I like the new site, good to see your rig there, thanks again for the advise on AHB, got the tags the other day and man I was excited to have a Fla plate again. We will be wintering in Fla next winter and we are thinking of documenting our travels too . I will be glad to be back in my home state of Fla for awhile and if you guys are in need of a stop over in SW Virginia during the summer we have plenty of room here in the country, just send a email, Barry & Michele

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