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Who Pooped in the Park?

2013-01-13_12-36-47_651Mac Chris and I were in a thrift store the other day when I saw this book and busted out laughing. The title is funny enough by itself, but I’ll tell you the back-story from our trips to Yellowstone National Park and let you in on the inside joke.  Here’s a link back to that trip.

While we were at Yellowstone Chris noticed a pile of poop and she said “I wonder what kind of animal left that?”.   I took a picture of it, and we asked a ranger later who told us it was probably a buffalo.  This continued with every appearance of droppings and became a running joke with us.  Of course scatology, the study of feces, is a good way to identify and learn about the animals in an area, but it’s also really funny in a pre-adolescent potty humor sort of way.  LOL



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