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11foot 8inch bridge vs. 5th wheel

How to make a 12 foot, 4 inch fifth wheel trailer fit under an 11′ 8″ bridge. ┬áThen see second video below with 13 crashes.

3 comments to 11foot 8inch bridge vs. 5th wheel

  • That second video is crazy. All those trucks with yellow warning lights staring at them telling them they are too tall and under they go.

  • Barry

    I’ll bet there are many of us that don’t know exactly what the heighth of our RV is , me included.I think mine is 12-6 but not really sure,this video has made me get my measuring tape out quick!and I’ll post it in the front of the cab to remind me to really pay close attention ,especially when traveling in unfamiliar areas, Thanks!

    • Mac Mac

      I admit that I don’t know how high ours is. Have intended to measure it. The few times we’ve been unsure of an obstruction one of us has gone outside and watched. But I can imagine being distracted and not noticing.

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