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Going Part-Time: Mac and Chris buy a house

HomeShoppingYes, we’re buying a house!

Where?  In Florida north of Tampa

No, we’re not going to stop traveling!  (What, are you nuts!?)

No, we won’t stop blogging either.  So don’t worry, you won’t have to see the doctor and get prescribed sleeping pills, we’ll keep boring you to sleep just like we have since 2004.

Will we ever return to fulltime RVing?  Maybe.  We hope to travel extensively in the future, even more so after we actually retire in 5 or 10 years, but we will probably always have a home base so we won’t technically be fulltime.

What brought this on?  As with most things it’s a combination of events, circumstances, and opportunities.  Over the last three years we’ve thought about the need for a more permanent home-base.  We almost bought a condo in Las Vegas back in 2010, but instead we became leaseholders at The Ranch an Escapee co-op park.  We’ve watched interest rates and 3.25% on a VA loan seems to be a pretty good deal.  We’ve also noted that home prices are recovering in some areas of the country and figure that it’s a good time to buy with some hope of the home increasing in value.

Why Florida when you love Las Vegas so much?  We have family here in the Tampa area; my mom who’s 87 and not in the greatest of health, one daughter and her family (son-in-law and two grandkids).  Our older daughter who lives in Illinois and those grandkids like to visit Florida too, and may some day move here.  So it’s a good location for us.

In the coming days we’ll post about our search for a house and the thought processes we’re going through.  Once a house is purchased we’ll write about the process of getting moved in.  We anticipate some big differences from previous moves we’ve made because we’re starting without any furniture!

Our adventure continues…

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