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We got the House!

We located a house in the area of Wesley Chapel, FL that meets all of our needs!  We closed on it and have been working to get it ready to move into, hopefully by the 20th of April.

What a difference this is!  Several things have surprised us.  For example, we’re surprised how much we’ve forgotten about buying a house.  We got too busy and forgot to call the electric utility in time – surprise the power was off, it was Good Friday, and there was no way to get it back on until at least Tuesday.  We had to laugh at ourselves.

Other things that we’re learning over, or learning for the first time:

  • How hard it is to clean a “new” house
  • How much trouble it is to deal with local and state bureaucracies (although some web based services are actually easier than ever)
  • Finding second hand furniture is SO much easier these days with the internet
  • Personal safety concerns.  For the past 8 years we’ve been very open about our location and activities.  Now that we own a fixed residence we need to consider OPSEC (operations security for you civilians).
  • OMG, I need to find a place to store this motorhome!

I’ll be making another post to catch up on the blog.  It’s been a busy few weeks!

3 comments to We got the House!

  • Barry

    Congrats you two and welcome back down to “earth”, should be fun for you planting a garden with flowers etc., as for us we have made our reservations for next winter in our RV starting @ the South Carolina coast in December for 2 weeks and then on to my home state of Florida until April and then back to Virginia to plant our garden etc.Hope you will still have some adventures to share,you been a great help and inspiration in learning about life on the road in a RV, by the way I have a great recipe for Muscovy stew,Barry & Michele

  • Howdy neighbors!
    Well not yet anyway, we own a double wide in Zephyrhills that we inherited when my parents passed away. We are planning to continue as full timers for several years and will eventually boot our renters out and settle in as your neighbors.

    Enjoy the new digs!

    Phil (and Rudee too!)

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