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Finding Somewhere to Store the RV

These part-timer problems are particularly perplexing.

As fulltimers we never had to think about storage.  But it gets worse; we never owned an RV before going fulltime, so all of these RV ownership issues that part-timers face are new to us.

Here in Florida it seems everyone with a spare acre of land and a chain link fence (or not) operates an “RV storage facility”.  Just casually driving around we see dozens of them.  Prices prices start at $40/mo for storage in a grass field under overhanging trees with a cattle fence.  Oh, and you have to call ahead to get the gate opened.

Our minimum requirements were:

  • Paved lot to minimize pests like insects and mice, plus no chance of it becoming a mud bog.
  • Proactive security measures
  • No overhanging trees to make a mess on the RV
  • Close to our house (whatever “close” means)
  • Prefer North or East.  Better for hurricane evacuation, lower costs, less crime.

We looked around a little and found the cost of covered storage was prohibitive, and outside storage at the big name chains was high too.  We found one that’s locally owned and meets all of our requirements.  It’s 11 miles from our house, paved lot with good drainage, a 6 foot fence, key pad gate, laser perimeter security monitored with police dispatch.  $90/mo seems like a lot, but it was a good compromise.   Also they’ll let us skip payments while we’re away traveling for over 30 days and if the facility fills up they’ll call and give us the option of paying for our space or letting it go — great!

So our beloved motorhome is now safely parked and waiting for our next adventure.  When?  Not sure, but we’ll be sure to tell you.

1 comment to Finding Somewhere to Store the RV

  • Barry

    I guess we took for granted all the free space we have for parking our RV. It is really nice to just look out the window and see it there and to be able to work on stuff like repairs ,cleaning and upgrades.I like to take walks out to it with my two dogs in tow and open things up and just hang with my buds. It is also a great place to just open up the canopy turn on the outside radio and work on yard equipment etc. or just relax.Growing up in south Fla. I know how expensive and congested it is and hard to find a little room, that’s one reason we move to Virginia and a it was also a less hostile environment to raise our young ones, but we still miss Fla. This year we will be back down there to have our first season of “snow birding”. I used to laugh at that term when I was younger, well now I’m one of them! (But I don’t wear socks with my sandals!)

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