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Can’t find a telephone cord…

phone cordWe haven’t had a landline in 10 years.  I remember when I had 15 or 20 phone cords in varying lengths from 6 to 25 feet.  I threw most of them away and kept maybe one, which no doubt is 2,000 miles away in New Mexico.  Now we have a landline, although no phone instrument and I don’t know what my number is.  It was part of the deal with Verizon and our TV and internet would have cost the same without it so why not?  I figured I’d use it as a fax line.  Today I started to hook up our multi-function printer/fax/copier and can’t find a telephone cord anywhere!  Yes, one came with it but we still lived in the RV then and I guess I threw it away — who needs a phone cord when they don’t have a phone!?

I bet they’ll have one for a Quarter at the thrift store.

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