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Thinking About a Smaller RV

Now that we’re “part-time” RVers we’re thinking about getting a smaller RV.  There are so many choices and so many factors to consider in the decision!

On one hand we’d love to have a van-sized RV like a Pleasure Way because they’re so easy to drive and park, maneuverable, fit into any small RV space in any campground, and get great gas mileage.  On the other hand they don’t have much cargo space, small or shared toilet/shower, tiny holding tanks and tiny refrigerator.

Going up in size we find some large B’s and small C’s that might do well.  I like the idea of a diesel and the Mercedes based RVs seem to have a good balance of what we’re after.  What is that?  Well here’s a current, tentative list preferences:

  • Separate sleeping area, but bedroom doesn’t need to have a door, a curtain is OK.
  • Separate toilet area and shower (not a “wet” toilet are where you shower at the toilet)
  • Holding tank at least 20 gallons each Black/Gray
  • Fresh water tank at least 25 gallons
  • Adequate external storage bays (whatever “adequate” means LOL)
  • Capable of towing our Honda CRV
  • Length 30′ or less (prefer less)
  • Air conditioning capable of cooling interior very nicely.  We would like the dash air to keep us comfy in 90 degree weather.  The roof AC with generator running should be fully capable of making it an icebox driving down the road even at 100 degrees outside air temp.
  • Diesel preferred (not a deal breaker)

Sometime in the future when I’ve given this more thought I’ll have to write an update to my Choosing an RV article in the Fulltimer Tutorial.  Or maybe I’ll write a part-timer addendum?