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The real origin of Wainscoting

Mac I’m convinced that the technique of using Wainscot was invented by some poor sap who was repainting a house and discovered that the original owner hung wallpaper directly over sheetrock without first priming the surface (sealing, sizing, whatever you want to call it).

We bought a Wagner steamer to take off the red & pink pattern wallpaper in our dining nook and kitchen so we can paint. It’s slow going! I got to the bar area and Chris said “why don’t we put up white beadboard paneling under there, it will match the cabinets? I said great idea! Why don’t we just Wainscot the whole room! :-)

RV Clubs in the USA and Canada

Mac Since we’re not doing much RV travel these days I’ve started living vicariously through others who are.  Now I know what some of my readers have felt like for the last 8 years!  I plan to start posting links on a semi-regular basis to blogs and articles that I find interesting.

Here’s a very useful reference that I saw today, a listing of all the major RV clubs in the USA and Canada on RVTravel.com:  ”Welcome to the most complete and up-to-date directory of RV clubs in North America”  They’re asking for everyone’s help to keep the list current and say they’ll be publishing regional clubs soon.





Earning a Living – Working while traveling in an RV

Mac When people start thinking about going fulltime one of the questions they ask themselves (and post on forums, Facebook, etc.) is “can we afford to do this?” Often included is the question is “can we earn money on the road”.  There are hundreds of ways to earn money on the road, but 99% of them will fit into two categories:

  1. Doing what you do now, but from a “home office” on wheels
  2. Finding something different that you can do while you travel

This time I’m focusing on the second category, and I want to give you a starting place to find more information including several books and free web resources that I’ll link to.  (Here’s an earlier article about technology enabling a home office on wheeles)


Work Your Way Across The USA – Nick Russell  You may have heard of Nick and his wife Terry.  They’re fulltime RVers and publish a monthly newspaper called Gypsy Journal.  Nick has written several books about RVing and is also a novelist.

Other books about working on the road


http://www.workamper.com/ is probably the top commercial site online where you’ll find job listings and other information.  Also here are links to other people’s blogs:


Work Camping Forums:

RV.NET  http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/listings/forum/62.cfm

Escapees  http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showforum=8


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