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Don’t put all your faith in the GPS!

Mac We’ve told the story before of our misadventure in San Diego when, following directions from our GPS, we took a bad turn and bottomed out the RV taking out some airlines and doing minor damage to 3 cargo bay doors.   Well here’s a story about an older couple who were stranded for 2 nights after being routed down a back road by their GPS unit.


I won’t say “never” but we rarely trust the GPS any longer.  In areas we’re unfamiliar with we look ahead at the route on a paper map, and we sometimes use Google maps as well.  We had planned to buy a GPS for oversize vehicles.  However, we probably won’t since we’re hoping to downsize soon to a much smaller RV.

Happy travels – and don’t let your GPS lead you astray!


4 comments to Don’t put all your faith in the GPS!

  • When we present our navigation seminars, we always tell our audiences to not turn off their brains when they turn on the GPS. We use several GPS devices and check with up to date paper maps.
    Did you see the story recently in the news where Apple maps took drivers across an active runway in Fairbanks?

  • Bill B

    A GPS is a tool. And, as Jim points out, don’t disengage the brain. Like any tool, it can break, have errors, and issues, be downright wrong, etc. I always “familiarize” myself with the route and if some thing doesn’t feel right, look on Google earth just to make sure. (LOL – just like the spell check, wanted to turn Google into goggle)

  • shosek

    Sorry if this has been asked, we are new members!

    What do you think about RV GPS devices?

    We recently had a “low bridge” incident… I (not as much my husband!) worry about venturing from the main highway in our 5th wheel.

    • Mac Mac

      Sorry that I missed this question originally. I like the special GPS devices for RVs and other oversize vehicles. Following truck routes is a good way to avoid some problems in metro areas. We once took a wrong turn in San Diego and bottomed out at the top of a very steep grade. The hill was marked “no trucks” but after you turn what can you do? Backing up with our toad wasn’t an option. Good luck and happy travels!

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