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Best Bluetooth Headset for Cell Phone

As many of you know I work from “home” wherever home is and I’m on the phone a lot.  In years past I’ve had several wired headsets for my cellphones and although I found one that did a “good” job I’ve never been 100% satisfied with the cord hanging around to get snagged.  I’ve probably tried 6 or 7 different Bluetooth headsets over the years including several styles and in price ranges from $20 to $150.

Favorite wired headset:  The Boom “O” and The Boom “C”

Although these were my favorites, and I used one of each for several years, I don’t recommend them.   Two big drawbacks.  #1 it’s wicked expensive!  #2 the plastic components don’t hold up to anything but TLC.  My first headset was held together in several places with electric tape and epoxy glue!  But the noise cancelling is truly outstanding.

Best single ear Bluetooth headset:  Jawbone

I have two versions of the “Jawbone” and while its noise cancelling is great the audio quality on the other end isn’t rock solid, at least for me.  One reason is the technology in the Jawbone requires a small plastic nipple to rest on your cheek and pick up vibration from your voice.  My beard gets in the way ;)

Best compromise Music & Phone Bluetooth headset:  LG HBS-730

I have one and it does a great job with music and an acceptable job with phone calls.  That’s backwards for me – I need exceptional phone calls.  If you’re the opposite and music is a priority I think you’ll really like the LG

My Current Favorite:   Blueparrott B250-XT

One day in a truck stop I saw these on display and asking around I discovered they are hugely popular.  I figured if it’s good enough for a trucker I would try it out.  Yes, it’s a single ear, over the head unit, and a little clunky looking, but it has great audio qualify both directions and it cancels out a lot of noise.  Will last all day on a full charge and that includes 8-12 hours standby and 2-5 hours talking.  I use these at my desk for work, and on the road.  YMMV



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  • Barry harvell

    I have a over the head Cobra similar to the Blue parrot but has no caller ID,not good for screening calls,a Motorola Roadster clip on visor model that I really like and leave it in the car, a Motorola Finiti HZ800 works great but ear hooks can be a problem, my latest is the Motorola Elite Sliver that gives more than 5 hours of talk time on a charge and it comes with a small fit in your pocket case that will recharge the device without a hookup, it gives you up to a 300ft range from your phone as long as there are no large obstructions.This works great for home office use when walking about and you would like to keep your phone charged up.The Sliver really is hard to see on your ear, works well and is very comfortable but easy to loose because you can forget it is there.

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