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Earning a Living – Working while traveling in an RV Part 2

Mac In places where people talk about going fulltime this topic will come up often:  How can we make a living while we travel?  In Part 1 of this topic I said:

“There are hundreds of ways to earn money on the road, but 99% of them will fit into two categories:  1, doing what you do now, but from a “home office” on wheels, and 2, finding something different that you can do while you travel”

I addressed the second category first, so here are some thoughts about the first, doing what you do already.

You probably already know whether you have a job that would fit with fulltiming.  That’s because you understand your job and what it involves better than anyone.  But here are some questions to help you explore it.

  • Do you know anyone who does what you do from a home office or as a traveler?  If so, talk with them and get some insight.  If not, that should be a clue that it may not be a compatible job.
  • Is there a job you did previously that might work out?  Maybe you’re an HR manager now but you were previously a registered nurse, that’s an excellent profession for travel!
  • What jobs use the same skills, background, education as yours?  Can any of them be done on the road?
  • How about changing jobs now?  How much time until you start traveling?  Let’s say you have five years.  Is there a job that you’re positive you could do on the road that you could train into now and have several years experience before you start out?

I hope these questions have helped.  Below is a list of jobs that are compatible with a traveling lifestyle.

  • Recruiter ;-)  I am one – trust me you want to have at least 4 years experience and success before going fulltime, starting out in an office, then working successfully from a home office, then you’ll be ready.
  • Nurse (and other medical professions; physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, diagnostic imaging, etc.)
  • Electrician (and other construction trades)
  • Sales (some types but not all; seasonal RV sales, telemarketing,
  • Casino Dealer – blackjack, craps, poker, etc.  Usually better as a seasonal job than traveling
  • Accountant
  • Income Tax Preparer
  • Musician, Comedian, other performing arts
  • ?  Send me more and I’ll add them…

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