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Saving Money on Fuel

Mac Whether you burn diesel or gas, and whether you get 7.5 mpg or 37.5 a dollar saved is a dollar saved.  We just returned last night from a 2,000 mile round trip (no unfortunately not in our RV, we were in the Honda) and for almost the whole trip we saved 20% on our fuel.  How did we do it?  I’ll tell you…Gift_card_shell

There’s a grocery chain here in Florida named Publix and they sometimes offer a deal on gas cards.  You buy a $50 worth of groceries and they’ll sell you a $50 gas card for $40.  Now before you think we spend $90 for each deal think again!  Chris does couponing and even though she’s no match for the “extreme couponers” she does very well.  I won’t go into all the details because some of you would be bored but we probably spend less than $25 on average for each basket of $50 worth of groceries.  So we bought $200 worth of groceries and $200 worth of gas cards ($400 combined value) for less than $260.

There are many other ways to save and I’m sure some of you know ways that we haven’t thought about.  Not everyone has a Publix or a grocer that does these deals but many places there are gas discount partnerships between specific fuel and grocery chains.  Likewise Caesar’s casinos has a deal going where you get a discount at Shell for every X points you earn.   Some casinos, especially Indian casinos with their own convenience store, let you buy fuel with your player’s club points.

You can also save as you travel by picking the station with the lower prices.  A website (and smartphone app) Gas Buddy will help you find the lowest user-reported prices on fuel in your area.  In extreme cases we’ve saved over 80 cents a gallon by consulting this website.  That was the difference we encountered once between fuel in Oregon and California as we were headed south on 101.  Stopped in Oregon and saved about $50!

Write me or comment with other ways to save.

2 comments to Saving Money on Fuel

  • Barry harvell

    We get gas discounts by getting points from the food chain Kroger and we also use Gas Buddy too while on the road and it has a free app for your smart phone and you help by reporting the gas prices you see for more rewards, Nice!

  • Larry Cantwell

    Sometimes getting gas cards from grocery stores is like gambling in a casino for comps, it will cost you more in the long run. This is especially true in our area where we have two grocery stores that give gas discounts for purchases. Both stores are significantly more expensive than a local Aldis or Wal-Mart. We forgo the ten cents a gallon discount at the pump for much better prices at the cash register.

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