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Slowly moving the site over here

Mac I’m still in the process of moving our site from the .com over here to the .net.  Updating pages with new information as I go.  I’ve moved the Dry Camping series, and the article on choosing an RV.  Also, I published phred’s poop sheets for the first time.  While looking for them earlier this year I had a hard time finding them because the phrannie website is no longer online.  phred always allowed duplication, so when I finally found the phull set I included it here for posterity.

Lots of work, but it will be worth it when it’s all done!

Happy travels!

2 comments to Slowly moving the site over here

  • Shannon

    Thanks for keeping your writing current. I have been visiting since your old site and enjoy all the information and humor.

    • Mac Mac

      Thanks Shannon. We’ve enjoyed writing the blog through the years and it’s always nice to hear when someone enjoys reading it. We’ve had some “dry spells” at times and I think we missed a whole month once a few years ago, so I’m sure we’ve lost quite a few people.

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