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Most common questions on RV forums

VisitedStatesMap 5-13-12What do you suppose are the most common questions asked on RV forums?  When I first thought of this one side of my brain wanted to do a statistical sample, search for keywords, count and rank them.  I may eventually do that but for now I’ve chosen the less scientific but easier method of choosing the ones that have caught my attention.

I’ve already written about some of these, such as diesel vs. gas, how many solar panels do I need, how do fulltimers get their mail, etc.  But this time I was inspired by a simpler question; where does everyone get those cool maps on their posts showing all the states you’ve visited?  The answer to that and more will be indexed on a page with links to the answers in my blog.

So, where do you get those cool maps?  Here are a few places starting with my favorite




Here’s a link to the Index of most common questions and I’ll add to it as we go

Happy Travels!


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