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Carbon Monoxide and LP Gas Dangers

Saw this on Facebook, worth repeating:


Blog Fail!

Mac Wow, how long has it been since I’ve posted?  What a pathetic excuse for a blog!

Actually, i’m posting now about as often as I ever did.  When we were fulltime RV travelers Chris was the one who made daily notes and sent them to me every week or two.  As long as I posted her comments, 3-5 times a month and an article about our sewer tank, oil change or solar panels the blog seemed adequate.  Now Chris doesn’t have much to say and my excuse is that we’ve been awfully busy lately with a combination of family issues and work including travel for my day job.

On the family front Chris’s mom has moved here to Florida to be closer to us.  She has an apartment in an assisted living facility (ALF) about 25 miles from us.  Over the past several months we’ve researched dozens, talked with six or eight and visited three ALF’s finally picking one.  I’ll tell you about it in an actual blog post in the near future.

Happy day-after Thanksgiving!


Mac Do you like to give and receive hugs?

We’re members of the Escapees RV Club, we love it and recommend the club to all serious RVers.  That being said the Escapees has a tradition of hugging when being greeted by another member – it’s like our secret handshake.  Some people aren’t big huggers, and prefer shaking hands or a fist bump.  I’m borderline.  With friends and family it’s ok, and I’ll even initiate a hug.  With strangers I’ll usually accept a hug if one is offered but won’t initiate it and will sometimes quickly stick out my hand instead.  Today I encountered two funny  ”hugging” posts on a blog that I’d never read before so I thought I’d share them.