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Absentee Bloggers

I wonder if there are more abandoned blogs online than those actively updated? abandonedBlog

Why do people stop blogging?

Is Facebook one of the causes?

For us it was the change in lifestyle, when we took time off from being fulltime RVers the reason for writing the blog changed and Chris was the first to stop writing.  She had written the bulk of the regular periodic blog posts, and I had done all of the topical stuff such as articles on dry camping.  Without her daily or at least weekly writing there was a big hole to fill in blog content.   I made a few attempts to keep things going but as you can tell I gave out.

So what becomes of the blog?  We still get hundreds of hits to the articles and to the old blog pages, and we definitely plan to hit the road again some day in an RV.  We have no reason to take it down, so it will remain.  I also occasionally move content from the old blog on the dot com site www.macandchris.com over here to the .net site.  I suppose I’ll write occasionally about anything remotely RV or travel related.  In addition to that I may throw in posts about whatever we’re doing with the house or with retirement plans, recreation, etc.  We’ll see where it goes.

Maybe some readers will still like the few things I write?  We originally started writing a journal of our RV travels so we could look back and remember them in the future, then a few months later it became a blog online.  So if we want to remember these years in the future we should really be blogging now too.

If you like the occasional post here that’s good, and if not, mark your calendar about two years from now and visit again.  At least we might have a travel trailer and be writing about taking weekend trips :-)

Happy Travels!



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