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What Happened with Your Motorhome!?

wpid-IMG_20130421_173702_176.jpgUnless you just joined us you know that we parked our 2001 National Islander 40′ motorhome and were planning to sell it.  It didn’t sell, probably because it needs some cosmetic work, but that’s okay because it has been useful.  The last three months our oldest daughter has been using it.  She lost her job in Illinois and took the opportunity to move to Florida!  While waiting to get into more permanent housing she has been staying in the RV at a resort near our home.

In July we plan to put the RV on the market again.  We only need to get about $36,000 for it, which is VERY reasonable even with the work it needs.  Similar models in great condition go for about $50,000.  I suppose we’ll try once more to sell it as-is, and if that’s not successful we’ll spend around $3,000 to “make it pretty” and bump the price up to to around $44,000.


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