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Protecting Your RV Awning from Wind Damage

Nick Russell has a blog post today on this topic and I couldn’t say it better myself, so I won’t try :-)


Our Motor Home Up for Sale

Our 2001 National Islander is up for sale.  Here’s the ebay ad below.  It’s listed at $39,500 but I’ll be glad to take a REASONABLE offer and/or partial trade for a pickup truck, small boat, firearms, gun safe, kayaks, etc.


Thanks General Electric



We bought a condo as a rental investment property and we’re doing some renovation. The over the range microwave, a GE, needed replacement so we chose a similar new GE model. I hoped the new microwave would fit on the same bracket as the old, the tabs at the bottom are one half inch too far out. It seems some design engineer at General Electric had to justify his existence by making a change in the mounting bracket configuration. Also the top bolts through the cabinet are 1/2 inch off. Arrrrrrr!