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Thanks General Electric



We bought a condo as a rentalĀ investment property and we’re doing some renovation. The over the range microwave, a GE, needed replacement so we chose a similar new GE model. I hoped the new microwave would fit on the same bracket as the old, the tabs at the bottom are one half inch too far out. It seems some design engineer at General Electric had to justify his existence by making a change in the mounting bracket configuration. Also the top bolts through the cabinet are 1/2 inch off. Arrrrrrr!

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  • Larry Cantwell

    I feel your pain. We recently had to replace our range top so went to Home Depot and selected another, same size (36 inch) and brand (GE). Should be able to take the old one out and drop the new on in. Right? Wrong! They moved the electric connection box to the bottom adding another 3 inches to the required clearance. We didn’t have 3 inches, metal cabinets, drawers underneath the range top. Back to Home Depot, got a refund (after the fight), off to Nebraska Furniture Mart and purchased a KitchenAid. We made them take the floor model out of the display case so we could measure the clearance. Good to go, bought it, showed up at our door 10 days later. Took the old one out, dropped the new one in —- Wrong! It was two inches wider and two inches longer. Arggggggggggggg! Isn’t anything standard any more? Out comes the saws and start whacking the counter top. Finally got a hole big enough for the thing to fit with no slack or leftover space. The left edge is against the wall. Another 1/10 of an inch and I would have to cut a grove into the wall tile.

    Larry C.

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