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Selling an RV sucks

We sold our 1996 Fleetwood Southwind on eBay in 2010 when we bought our current RV. The buyer got it for half what I think it was worth and in the two weeks between sale and delivery he annoyed me endlessly with nitnoid questions about the cleanliness of the tire tread, the soundness of the shower curtain, and the brightness of the tail lights. Okay, maybe not those things, but you get the idea.

Now we’re selling our 2001 National Islander. It’s a 40′ diesel engine motorhome that was the top of the line for National in 2001. It sold for over $200,000 new. It’s 13 years old and it’s NOT PERFECT. We’re asking $34,900. I swear every caller is looking for a new motorhome.

I suppose the problem is that I’m honest. It’s NOT new, and it doesn’t look new and I tell them the cosmetic issues because I don’t want to drive out and waste an hour showing it to them if they have absurdly high expectations. “Oh, well there’s a scratch on this wheel lug… ”

Nobody has a 13 year old motorhome that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. If you think you do you’re either delusional, or you have spent WAY too much money on your old ride and should have traded it long ago for a 2014 Marathon Prevost 45 (starting price $1.5 Million).


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