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Motorhome is sold!

Yea!  A nice couple from Mississippi are buying it and trading us an older Ford F-350 4×4 pickup with the popular powerstroke diesel engine.  We’re just waiting for all the paperwork to flow through so we can do the swap.  Should be happening next week.  A couple of days ago I had a fuel leak repaired behind the generator and changed the oil and filters so it’s ready for the trip.  We’ll be sad to see it go but happy at the same time.

Which advertisement did the trick?  This time it was a Facebook group called “RV Classifieds”  https://www.facebook.com/groups/rvclassifieds/ coupled with a link there to our Craigslist ad.  We had also advertised on eBay, RV Trader and in Craigslist once before with little response.  This time we dropped the price a few thousand dollars and had a surge of interest.  One guy offered to trade me a small plane (which my pilot son-in-law would have liked) in fact several people had trade ideas that didn’t work out for us.

What will we do with a one ton, four door, 4×4 pickup?  I’d love to keep it, buy a camper to pull behind it, use it for hauling stuff and general fun.  Unfortunately our homeowners association prohibits anything larger than a 3/4 ton pickup.  In the short term we’ll store it close by where we can get to it and use it.  Eventually we’ll probably trade for a smaller pickup that we can park at home and stop paying storage fees.  So if anyone wants to trade let me know!