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1997 Ford F350 4×4 crew cab 4 door 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel


This is the pickup truck that we took in trade when we sold our motorhome.   We like it but we need a smaller truck that will fit in our garage, or at least that we can park in the driveway (HOA prohibits 1-ton and larger trucks).  See the craigslist aid linked and give me a call or text if you’re interested.  Please read the ad before you call and look at the pictures :-)  http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/cto/4649082431.html

Pickup Sold Quickly

It’s sold!  A nice young man from Cocoa Beach came over and hauled it away.  When he showed up pulling the trailer I knew he was a serious buyer ;)

Wish we could have kept it, but can’t park a 1-ton truck at home because of HOA rules.  Paying to store it wasn’t worth the expense, and having it 10 miles away wasn’t convenient as a second vehicle.  Hope to get a standard size pickup sometime in the next few months.