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Our “New” RV – a Travel Trailer is Right For Now

Our new RV travel trailer 1-25-15

Picked up our new-to-us travel trailer today. It’s a 2008 Starcraft Homestead 262 RKS.  We’ve wanted to get one for quite a while, probably since the day we sold the motorhome :) so we’re thrilled to once again be RV owners.

This RV, we believe, will be much better suited to our current lifestyle than was the 40 foot diesel.  For starters, it’s a whole lot less expensive in every way; less to buy, less to maintain, less to store. It’s also more practical for us. At 28 feet total length it will easily fit the campsites in county, state, and federal parks.   However, with a large slide out and very efficient floor plan it will sleep six and accommodate quite a few visitors.

Our plans for the new RV include one long trip to New Mexico so we can retrieve a trailer full of property we have stored there. We hope to make this trip early in the spring while the weather is still cool but without a chance to freeze along our route. Other than that we plan mostly short trips around Florida including private getaways and also family vacations. There are many parts of Florida that we have not explored, for example most of the East Coast. But this trailer is such a convenient size that we could even take it to the beach to use as a private bathhouse.

I plan to write more at a later time about how we found this trailer and our criteria for what would be an ideal RV for us. Briefly, our requirements reflected the towing limitations of our half ton pickup truck and our need for enough space inside so family members could accompany us.

Happy travels and will see you around the campfire.

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