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2012-07-10 Grand Canyon Railroad Lounge

Mac and Chris in the Grand Canyon Railroad Lounge Car

Who are we? Mac and Chris McClellan, fulltime RVers from September, 2004 until April, 2013.  Now we are part-time RVers with plans to eventually return to the road.  Our blog will continue to include many RV related and travel topics.  Since we’re part-time now, and home owners again, we’ll also write about that – we hope you’ll still enjoy it.  Check out our blog archives too if you want to learn more about us and our past travels.

In the menu and you’ll find links to our old blog with technical articles, fulltimer tutorial, etc. which we’re slowly converting to WordPress.  We hope you enjoy reading this and come back again! If you’d like to contact us, see the email form below.  You can also comment on individual blog posts.  Happy travels!

States where we’ve camped in our RV since September 1st 2004. Driving through doesn’t count.

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