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Gotta have TV

Small hole in the canopy for us to see the satellite

We’re going to be in this area of Florida for quite a while, so when I picked the site we’re in I considered several factors. The lot is close to the pool but not too close, it’s relatively level, has shade overhead [...]

Living Life vs Living in Fear

Everyone’s mindset falls within a range, or on a curve, from those who are paralyzed with fear to those too reckless for their own good. To me it seems there’s a wide area of healthy balance that will allow people to enjoy many things in life, and narrow areas of extremity where life is either [...]

Going Part-Time: Mac and Chris buy a house

Yes, we’re buying a house!

Where? In Florida north of Tampa

No, we’re not going to stop traveling! (What, are you nuts!?)

No, we won’t stop blogging either. So don’t worry, you won’t have to see the doctor and get prescribed sleeping pills, we’ll keep boring you to sleep just like we have since 2004.


Our Next Toad?

Here’s the solution for motorhome owners who want to bring along both a car and a boat!

RV Clubs in the USA and Canada

Since we’re not doing much RV travel these days I’ve started living vicariously through others who are. Now I know what some of my readers have felt like for the last 8 years! I plan to start posting links on a semi-regular basis to blogs and articles that I find interesting.

Here’s a very [...]

Earning a Living – Working while traveling in an RV

When people start thinking about going fulltime one of the questions they ask themselves (and post on forums, Facebook, etc.) is “can we afford to do this?” Often included is the question is “can we earn money on the road”. There are hundreds of ways to earn money on the road, but 99% of [...]

RV Space Saving Ideas

No matter how big or small the RV there always seems to be a need to save space!

Saw this link to Pinterest on Facebook. Many ideas such as the one in the pic below. http://www.pinterest.com/campingroadtrip/rv-space-saving-ideas/




Earning a Living – Working while traveling in an RV Part 2

In places where people talk about going fulltime this topic will come up often: How can we make a living while we travel? In Part 1 of this topic I said:

“There are hundreds of ways to earn money on the road, but 99% of them will fit into two categories: [...]

Most common questions on RV forums

What do you suppose are the most common questions asked on RV forums? When I first thought of this one side of my brain wanted to do a statistical sample, search for keywords, count and rank them. I may eventually do that but for now I’ve chosen the less scientific but easier method of choosing [...]

Carbon Monoxide and LP Gas Dangers

Saw this on Facebook, worth repeating: