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Work Camping

We’ve never been workampers, workcampers, work campers — several ways to spell that — but we’ve always worked while we traveled because I have a full time job and since 2002 I’ve worked from home. Wow, 11 years.

Nick Russell has a post today in his blog about working RVers and I’m linking to it [...]

Protecting Your RV Awning from Wind Damage

Nick Russell has a blog post today on this topic and I couldn’t say it better myself, so I won’t try


Sewer Valves – do you leave them open or closed while hooked up?

Another in the series “The Most Common Questions on RV Forums”

When you’re on hookups are you supposed to leave the black tank valve open? How about the gray? Should they be closed? When should you dump? …

First a few quick definitions:

Black Tank = the waste tank connected to the toilet Gray Tank [...]