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Going Part-Time: Mac and Chris buy a house

Yes, we’re buying a house!

Where? In Florida north of Tampa

No, we’re not going to stop traveling! (What, are you nuts!?)

No, we won’t stop blogging either. So don’t worry, you won’t have to see the doctor and get prescribed sleeping pills, we’ll keep boring you to sleep just like we have since 2004.


House Shopping Our Way

I can’t tell you the best way to shop for a house, but I can tell you how we’re doing it. This will be our 4th house – not counting the 14×70 mobile home we dragged around the country when we were in the Air Force. We bought that trailer in Minnesota, then moved it [...]

Evolution of Home Desires

We went through the same thing when we went fulltime. At first we said we’d start out with a trailer that our truck would pull, then we started looking at small 5th wheels, then we thought about buying a truck and 5th wheel, then we ended up with our first motorhome, a 37′ gas engine [...]

We got the House!

We located a house in the area of Wesley Chapel, FL that meets all of our needs! We closed on it and have been working to get it ready to move into, hopefully by the 20th of April.

What a difference this is! Several things have surprised us. For example, we’re surprised how much we’ve [...]

It’s Official: April 13, 2013 we have become part-time RVers

Last night was our first in the new house. After 8 years, 7 months, and 12 days we’re no longer fulltimers.

The house is still empty except for the master bedroom, some appliances, and essential kitchen items like a coffee maker, coffee cups, other dishes and utensils. Sleeping was comfy, but being awake needs [...]

Finding Somewhere to Store the RV

These part-timer problems are particularly perplexing.

As fulltimers we never had to think about storage. But it gets worse; we never owned an RV before going fulltime, so all of these RV ownership issues that part-timers face are new to us.

Here in Florida it seems everyone with a spare acre of land and a [...]

RV In Storage

It’s temporarily old friend, we’ll be getting you out of there for a trip in a month or two.

Things You Notice Moving from RV to House

How far it is from the bedroom to the kitchen! I called Chris and she answered the phone on the 4th ring – wow, she said, I had to run to catch it, this place is big. LOL, it’s not a big house, really!

One thing Chris appreciates is that our offices are separated [...]

Can’t find a telephone cord…

We haven’t had a landline in 10 years. I remember when I had 15 or 20 phone cords in varying lengths from 6 to 25 feet. I threw most of them away and kept maybe one, which no doubt is 2,000 miles away in New Mexico. Now we have a landline, although no phone instrument [...]

Thrift Store Patio Chairs

We found these two plastic wicker chairs in fairly good condition at the Salvation Army store on Nebraska Ave in Tampa. $40 each. Finally something to sit in outside under the lanai. Rug was a previous purchase, $25 at a garage sale.