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Thinking About a Smaller RV

Now that we’re “part-time” RVers we’re thinking about getting a smaller RV. There are so many choices and so many factors to consider in the decision!

On one hand we’d love to have a van-sized RV like a Pleasure Way because they’re so easy to drive and park, maneuverable, fit into any small RV space [...]

The Weather, Trip Planning, etc.

This is the first day here in the Tampa Bay area that we’ve woke up and opened the windows! Love “fall” here in Florida when we can start living outside – and letting the outside in. But we know this is just a tease, cool mornings won’t be here to stay for another month.

Planning [...]

Now it’s a Travel Trailer

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In a previous post I said now that we’re part-time we’ll be selling our 40′ motorhome and buying a much smaller one. Those plans have changed, we’re still selling the motor home, but it’s most likely that we’ll be getting a travel trailer! Why the change? There isn’t one single reason but [...]

Candidates to Become Our Next RV

We went to the “Florida RV Supershow“ on Saturday and looked at dozens of trailers. Most were either too big or too small or had bunk beds etc. Felt a little like Goldilocks trying out the bears beds. Then we saw two trailers from Coachmen that we liked, both are Freedom Express Ultra Lights, models [...]

Protecting Your RV Awning from Wind Damage

Nick Russell has a blog post today on this topic and I couldn’t say it better myself, so I won’t try


Motorhome is sold!

Yea! A nice couple from Mississippi are buying it and trading us an older Ford F-350 4×4 pickup with the popular powerstroke diesel engine. We’re just waiting for all the paperwork to flow through so we can do the swap. Should be happening next week. A couple of days ago I had a fuel leak [...]

Our “New” RV – a Travel Trailer is Right For Now

Picked up our new-to-us travel trailer today. It’s a 2008 Starcraft Homestead 262 RKS. We’ve wanted to get one for quite a while, probably since the day we sold the motorhome so we’re thrilled to once again be RV owners.

This RV, we believe, will be much better suited to our current lifestyle than [...]