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Another Pistol Class – USPSA

I’ve written briefly before about taking several NRA courses when we were in Las Vegas. I took 6 or 7 classes including three instructor courses. Since I’m mentioning it here I’ll include a recommendation for Safety First Firearms Training in Las Vegas, NV. Bill, the Chief Instructor, is not only an instructor and coach [...]

Warrior Dash

Have you heard about the Warrior Dash? It’s a craze sweeping the fitness community — a foot race over an obstacle course intended to be challenging and fun. From my brief research it seems to be centered in the USA and Australia with some events also in Canada and New Zealand. No, I haven’t [...]

Long Range Planning… REALLY Long Range

August 21, 2017

Does anyone know what happens that day? We’re planning to be in Yellowstone before and after. http://www.eclipse2017.org/ECLIPSE2017_main.HTM