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Thrift Store shopping isn’t what it used to be

Check out the price on this table and chairs!

It’s Official: April 13, 2013 we have become part-time RVers

Last night was our first in the new house. After 8 years, 7 months, and 12 days we’re no longer fulltimers.

The house is still empty except for the master bedroom, some appliances, and essential kitchen items like a coffee maker, coffee cups, other dishes and utensils. Sleeping was comfy, but being awake needs [...]

Saving Money on Fuel

Whether you burn diesel or gas, and whether you get 7.5 mpg or 37.5 a dollar saved is a dollar saved. We just returned last night from a 2,000 mile round trip (no unfortunately not in our RV, we were in the Honda) and for almost the whole trip we saved 20% on our [...]

Thrift Shopping

We love to save money, so we love to thrift! Here’s the line outside of the best Salvation Army store in Tampa on the day after Christmas. Half off the entire store. We found a huge rug for the living room marked down to $200. Also a chest of drawers for Chris’s mom and [...]