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This is going to take forever!

Right now as I’m typing this post in our new WordPress blog I’m contemplating making a big mess of things (as if they weren’t already a big mess).

You see, we’ve had a blog at www.MacAndChris.com since late 2004. In the last few months a combination of technical issues, family situations, and procrastination has caused [...]

Met up with Jim and Chris Guld (Geeks on Tour) this evening

I first met Jim and Chris in 2006 at a Datastorm User Group rally and have only bumped into them a couple of times since. Great folks. If you ever have a chance to catch one of their technology seminars do it. Or if you’re running an RV rally or any kind of gathering [...]

World’s smallest Master Lock?

This tiny lock came with a pistol that I just bought. I’ve seen smaller locks but they were toys.

Living Life vs Living in Fear

Everyone’s mindset falls within a range, or on a curve, from those who are paralyzed with fear to those too reckless for their own good. To me it seems there’s a wide area of healthy balance that will allow people to enjoy many things in life, and narrow areas of extremity where life is either [...]

Going Part-Time: Mac and Chris buy a house

Yes, we’re buying a house!

Where? In Florida north of Tampa

No, we’re not going to stop traveling! (What, are you nuts!?)

No, we won’t stop blogging either. So don’t worry, you won’t have to see the doctor and get prescribed sleeping pills, we’ll keep boring you to sleep just like we have since 2004.


We got the House!

We located a house in the area of Wesley Chapel, FL that meets all of our needs! We closed on it and have been working to get it ready to move into, hopefully by the 20th of April.

What a difference this is! Several things have surprised us. For example, we’re surprised how much we’ve [...]

It’s Official: April 13, 2013 we have become part-time RVers

Last night was our first in the new house. After 8 years, 7 months, and 12 days we’re no longer fulltimers.

The house is still empty except for the master bedroom, some appliances, and essential kitchen items like a coffee maker, coffee cups, other dishes and utensils. Sleeping was comfy, but being awake needs [...]

Home Depot or Lowes?

Which do you prefer? I’ve found that for me Lowes seems better organized and I can find what I need faster. Also seems to have better selection. Both give me the military discount which is much appreciated.

Thinking About a Smaller RV

Now that we’re “part-time” RVers we’re thinking about getting a smaller RV. There are so many choices and so many factors to consider in the decision!

On one hand we’d love to have a van-sized RV like a Pleasure Way because they’re so easy to drive and park, maneuverable, fit into any small RV space [...]

The Weather, Trip Planning, etc.

This is the first day here in the Tampa Bay area that we’ve woke up and opened the windows! Love “fall” here in Florida when we can start living outside – and letting the outside in. But we know this is just a tease, cool mornings won’t be here to stay for another month.

Planning [...]