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Gotta have TV

Small hole in the canopy for us to see the satellite

We’re going to be in this area of Florida for quite a while, so when I picked the site we’re in I considered several factors. The lot is close to the pool but not too close, it’s relatively level, has shade overhead [...]

Can’t find a telephone cord…

We haven’t had a landline in 10 years. I remember when I had 15 or 20 phone cords in varying lengths from 6 to 25 feet. I threw most of them away and kept maybe one, which no doubt is 2,000 miles away in New Mexico. Now we have a landline, although no phone instrument [...]

Don’t put all your faith in the GPS!

We’ve told the story before of our misadventure in San Diego when, following directions from our GPS, we took a bad turn and bottomed out the RV taking out some airlines and doing minor damage to 3 cargo bay doors. Well here’s a story about an older couple who were stranded for 2 nights [...]

RV Space Saving Ideas

No matter how big or small the RV there always seems to be a need to save space!

Saw this link to Pinterest on Facebook. Many ideas such as the one in the pic below. http://www.pinterest.com/campingroadtrip/rv-space-saving-ideas/




Best Bluetooth Headset for Cell Phone

As many of you know I work from “home” wherever home is and I’m on the phone a lot. In years past I’ve had several wired headsets for my cellphones and although I found one that did a “good” job I’ve never been 100% satisfied with the cord hanging around to get snagged. I’ve probably [...]

Slowly moving the site over here

I’m still in the process of moving our site from the .com over here to the .net. Updating pages with new information as I go. I’ve moved the Dry Camping series, and the article on choosing an RV. Also, I published phred’s poop sheets for the first time. While looking for them earlier this [...]

Carbon Monoxide and LP Gas Dangers

Saw this on Facebook, worth repeating:


Candidates to Become Our Next RV

We went to the “Florida RV Supershow“ on Saturday and looked at dozens of trailers. Most were either too big or too small or had bunk beds etc. Felt a little like Goldilocks trying out the bears beds. Then we saw two trailers from Coachmen that we liked, both are Freedom Express Ultra Lights, models [...]

Protecting Your RV Awning from Wind Damage

Nick Russell has a blog post today on this topic and I couldn’t say it better myself, so I won’t try


Sewer Valves – do you leave them open or closed while hooked up?

Another in the series “The Most Common Questions on RV Forums”

When you’re on hookups are you supposed to leave the black tank valve open? How about the gray? Should they be closed? When should you dump? …

First a few quick definitions:

Black Tank = the waste tank connected to the toilet Gray Tank [...]