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Pothole From Hell

Brandon, FL Pothole from Hell

The other day I was driving around the Brandon, Florida area and encountered the largest pothole I’ve ever seen on a public “maintained” road. It’s on the south (eastbound) side of Florida 60 (Adamo Dr.) at the corner of a short ramp leading to/from the service or access [...]

Who Pooped in the Park?

Chris and I were in a thrift store the other day when I saw this book and busted out laughing. The title is funny enough by itself, but I’ll tell you the back-story from our trips to Yellowstone National Park and let you in on the inside joke. Here’s a link back to that [...]

Met up with Jim and Chris Guld (Geeks on Tour) this evening

I first met Jim and Chris in 2006 at a Datastorm User Group rally and have only bumped into them a couple of times since. Great folks. If you ever have a chance to catch one of their technology seminars do it. Or if you’re running an RV rally or any kind of gathering [...]

Nick Russel tells us why he drives an RV

If you need a laugh read these hilarious true stories on Nick Russel’s blog

Birthday Dinner at Biloxi Grand Casino

Last night we went to LB’s Steakhouse at the Biloxi Grand Casino for my birthday. I had the chef’s special, a filet and coconut lobster bites with mushroom risotto and grilled asparagus. It was very good. Chris had the fried shrimp, which she said was the perfect size to have the tender texture [...]

Living Life vs Living in Fear

Everyone’s mindset falls within a range, or on a curve, from those who are paralyzed with fear to those too reckless for their own good. To me it seems there’s a wide area of healthy balance that will allow people to enjoy many things in life, and narrow areas of extremity where life is either [...]

Southern Gaming and Destinations

Many of you know that I write a column for Midwest Gaming and Travel magazine. Recently Southern Gaming and Destinations asked me to do a single feature for them. You can read it HERE starts on page 40 of the magazine, or 41, 42 of the online index, keep looking it’s there



Long Range Planning… REALLY Long Range

August 21, 2017

Does anyone know what happens that day? We’re planning to be in Yellowstone before and after. http://www.eclipse2017.org/ECLIPSE2017_main.HTM


Our Next Toad?

Here’s the solution for motorhome owners who want to bring along both a car and a boat!

RV Clubs in the USA and Canada

Since we’re not doing much RV travel these days I’ve started living vicariously through others who are. Now I know what some of my readers have felt like for the last 8 years! I plan to start posting links on a semi-regular basis to blogs and articles that I find interesting.

Here’s a very [...]