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Selling an RV sucks

We sold our 1996 Fleetwood Southwind on eBay in 2010 when we bought our current RV. The buyer got it for half what I think it was worth and in the two weeks between sale and delivery he annoyed me endlessly with nitnoid questions about the cleanliness of the tire tread, the soundness of the [...]

1997 Ford F350 4×4 crew cab 4 door 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel

This is the pickup truck that we took in trade when we sold our motorhome. We like it but we need a smaller truck that will fit in our garage, or at least that we can park in the driveway (HOA prohibits 1-ton and larger trucks). See the craigslist aid linked and give me [...]

Pickup Sold Quickly

It’s sold! A nice young man from Cocoa Beach came over and hauled it away. When he showed up pulling the trailer I knew he was a serious buyer

Wish we could have kept it, but can’t park a 1-ton truck at home because of HOA rules. Paying to store it wasn’t worth the [...]

Welcome Back

Long time since we published any posts. Typical of us we’ve made a big sudden change in our lives. We bought a farm.

It’s a long story, so I won’t try to tell it all today. Just seeing if I still remember how to use WordPress

Our adventure continues.


Like Hogs at the Trough

Look what FedEx brought me! Now I won’t need to feed the little feeders 3X a day – I’ll let the feeder do it! First of course I needed to assemble it. Worst instructions I’ve seen lately. Had to drill a few holes, but it’s up! Now if I can just get the pigs to [...]