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phred’s Poop Sheets

Early in 2013 while converting our blog to WordPress I discovered that all of my links to phred’s Poop Sheets were broken.  I searched the internet and at first could only find remnants of the vast knowledge that phred Tensith had written down (like finding the occasional partial writings of Leonardo da Vinci).  Finally one day I stumbled upon the complete collection!  phred’s website had always allowed duplication, so I decided I would republish the info here, with due credit to phred.

I know what some of you may be thinking, the last time these were updated was the early 2000′s!  Not to worry, most of the information is still relevant and even when superseded by the advance of technology it provides a solid historical perspective and a foundation for understanding.  In my opinion any RVer who plans to install, modify or maintain systems on their RV should read these from start to finish.   Enjoy!

Index to Poop Sheets

(you can either click on the links below or access each section from the drop down tab on the main menu.

1. The Source and Resources List  (05/2004).

Covers over 90% of the information and product source questions I get. The List has capsule descriptions of key topics that are expanded on if needed in “poopsheets” of their own. Don’t settle for RV store crap unless it really is good stuff.

2. Inverters  (4/2002).

How to interpret manufacturer hype, size an inverter and get what your really need. There’s no need to buy more than you need and it’s foolish to buy less and have to do it all over again.

3. Macerators and Other Sewer Stuff  (8/2002).

Things about macerators and sewage problems in general that nobody tells you.

4. Buying an RV  (4/2002).

With this poop sheet and RV Consumer Group the only person who can screw you, is you.

5. Batteries and Other Electrical Stuff  (10/2002).

You will control your own power company with this info and the books “Managing 12 Volts” and “RV Electrical Systems” along with other references listed. Covers 12VDC and some on 120VAC and generators not found elsewhere.

6. Water Treatment  (11/2002).

You may need a lot or just a little water treatment. Don’t get ripped off in buying equipment and don’t do anything stupid.

7. Electric Surge and High & Low Voltage  (6/2002).

Surges can wipe you out, but more often the real culprit is you or your fellow RVer.

8. Is Solar Electricity For You?  (4/2002).

Basics for people who know nothing and those who don’t know they know nothing.

9. Composting Toilets  (4/2002).

These are not generally recommended for RVers but can work if you’re willing to do what’s necessary — they require elaborate care and “feeding” (pun intended).

10. Storing an RV (4/2002).

There’s no point in you doing the same dumb stuff most people do.

11. Handling Moisture in RVs  (4/2002).

Rubber Roofs, venting and lots more than just fixing leaks.

12. Getting along — Mexico and Elsewhere  (4/2002).

Not the usual touristy crappola but things RV magazines don’t tell you.

13. Communications (4/2002).

Cell phones, the internet, satellite TV — new things happening all the time.

14. Boondocking  (4/2002).

Not the usual RV magazine oatmeal, but a buncha’ important stuff.